Herpes Simplex Virus without Shame

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) is one of the most feared and least understood sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The infection itself is uncomfortable, but manageable. The real problem with HSV, however, is the shame that surrounds it. The social stigma associated with HSV causes more harm than the infection itself. The fear of being rejected, and … Continue reading Herpes Simplex Virus without Shame

Getting in Touch with Your Orgasmic Self

You were born through orgasm. And yet so many people are disconnected from their orgasmic selves. Is there a link between your orgasmic self and your overall health? Do people who are connected to their sexuality have better overall health? Do they make better choices in nutrition, exercise, overall self-care? What is the role of … Continue reading Getting in Touch with Your Orgasmic Self