Sex Positive Medicine

To promote the essential force within us to for greater health and wellness.

To help combat shame that inhibits our expression of our own true selves.

To help others own their sexuality in anyway they define it.

To help understand that sexuality plays an important role in our mental, physical and emotional health. It is a link to our spirituality and to our most fundamental selves.

To hold space for discomfort and pain, be it from trauma, culture, or internalized shame.

To not bring in my own personal beliefs into the healing space, to not judge or analyze. To just be present.

To not avoid discussions on sexuality. To understand that it is intrinsically connected to our own life force. We are created through orgasm and pleasure.

To learn one’s body fully, so that it becomes easier to make decisions based on love for oneself.

To understand the capacity for self-pleasure as a means to mental and physical health.

To look at the underlying root of transitions, be it hormonal or outside stressors, and support the process rather than try to change it.

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