Aziz Ansari and Dating 101: Make Time For The Talk

This was a typical date. Meeting, flirting, texting, then the anticipated date night. Have drink, dinner, small talk, then back to a private place for intimate encounter. We never discuss what each wants, desires, expects and needs. We enter the realm of dating with an unsaid expectation of sex and connection, in varying degrees. We … Continue reading Aziz Ansari and Dating 101: Make Time For The Talk


I was recently called “single”. Because now that I am no longer married, I am not someone else’s “other half”. I am no longer a pair. Like shoes. I am a single sock. Lost in the dryer. I am unmarried and “not in a stable sexual relationship”. (You don’t want to get me started on … Continue reading Solo

STARS Safer Sex Talk for Everyone

We live in a culture where shame surrounds sexuality. Many people are unaware of their sexual desires, fears, boundaries and intentions when it comes to relationships. Honest sex positive communication can lead to better relationships, increased joy and improved health. STARS is a format that helps aid these discussions with self-awareness, accountability and communication. STARS … Continue reading STARS Safer Sex Talk for Everyone